Reviews from wedding suppliers

'Working with Ria is such a pleasant experience; what I appreciate most is her reliability and organization skills. When you work with Ria you’ll know that everything is under control. She keeps the overview and knows how to stay calm, even when unexpected situations occur. She always goes the extra mile, both for the bridal couples as for the wedding suppliers. With Ria you’re in good hands, I promise!'
'I’m attending a lot of weddings as videographer and my first experience with a wedding planner was a wedding that Ria was coordinating. Everything ran smoothly. Beforehand we received clear information and instructions and the timeline was being taken care of. I would recommend everyone to have Ria as their wedding planner, it will bring you peace for your wedding.'
'Ria is a sweet, involved and spontaneous colleague. With her eye for detail and her skills to unburden she knows how to give every bridal couple a serene wedding dag! I have worked many weddings and events with Ria and that is a pleasure! Ria always dedicated 100%, every wedding or event again.''

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