Organizing a wedding can be extremely overwhelming and very stressful. Especially when you are getting married abroad. You’re new to the world of weddings, full of endless possibilities. There is a lot to consider, many choices to make, lots of research to do and an overwhelming amount of information. How do you know if you are making the right decision, if you are picking the best suppliers and if you’re not forgetting something very important? 

Don’t worry, that’s where I come in. As destination wedding planner I’m specialized in wedding planning, from selecting the perfect venue to the smallest details and making sure you don’t forget your bouquet while walking down the aisle. I’ll guide you step by step through the amazing wonders of the wedding world. Cause as soon as you know where to look at and how to maneuver through it, it’s a pretty wonderful place to be. From the introduction till after the wedding, I’ll be beside you so together we’ll create the wedding of your dreams!

Step 1: Introduction

We’ll start with a virtual introduction. Just you, your financĂ© and me, getting to know each other and dreaming away about the perfect wedding that really reflects the two of you. Whether it’s your dream to get married in Spain, Portugal, Croatia or Italy, the wedding planning service is completely customized to the two of you. Because every couple is unique and deserves to be celebrated accordingly. 

Step 2: Wedding preparations

If you are as excited about planning your wedding together as I am, we’ll get started on the wedding preparations. We’ll start with the big stuff and little by little we’ll work our way towards the details to make sure that every aspect of your wedding is taken care of and personalized to your love. 

Even though I’ll be taking care of organization for you, you’ll be fully in control. Throughout the planning you’ll be able to see the process on the planning at all times and with regular check-ins we’ll keep each other posted on the progress.  You can expect clear communication of what is happening next and any updates that are happening. 

Step 3: Wedding coordination

After all the preparations the day has finally come, it’s your wedding day. I’ll be there to take care of all details to make sure everything runs smoothly. A little pep talk and final check before you walk down the aisle, a reminder to hold your bouquet in the right position and a friendly face for all of your guests to go to. And more importantly, I’ll be behind the scenes making sure that nothing will put a dent in your memorable wedding so that you, your fiancĂ© and all of your lovely guests can fully enjoy the beauty of your wedding day!